The Data Says It All

The Data Says It All was made especially for Knowle West Media Centre. It is a reflection on Richard’s work with here since 2010 and a poetic weaving together of his experiences of being in residency in the neighbourhood and working with members of the Knowle West community. It was made during the lockdown as a way to keep sharing his work with audiences. Read full transcript here.

Not Green

Not Green was made for Colchester Arts Centre. This piece asks questions such as; How do we experience the concept of public land when we can hardly see it? What happens to a place of leisure when the users are gone? Richard introduces his collaborator, Kino Paxton, the sound of one of Norway’s largest waterfalls, the River Colne at night, the largest Ghost Gum tree in Australia, the horrors of grass, a local Indian Bean tree, and where the pleasure boats go when they start to sink.

How To Name a Tree.

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